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Need more Clarity?  

We're here to help.
We'll always have a 'no-fee'
consultation service.


We believe in clarity and want you to know we are compensated only by the insurance companies we are licensed with and, our compensation is defined by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). That's right!  The federal government decides that for our industry.

You can feel confident knowing our services are complimentary, whether we schedule to meet in the comfort of your home, in one of our offices or, even your local coffee shop.

Multiple Companies.  Many Plans. 
More Choice.

We can help to identify the plans available in your area, giving you confidence and clarity on choice. 


We realize today's consumer is looking for value, choice and stability. We represent a broad range of Medicare health plans that give you options designed to fit your health care needs. There's more to just finding a low-cost Medicare Health Plan. We'll look at how you live your life and talk about what the future may hold.


We are your resource and trusted partner in choosing your Medicare Health plan, year after year.

A Respectful Partnership.

We'll value your relationship with us as we work with you one-on-one or, in a group business setting. We'll consider you our partner and look forward to providing you on-going support, education, and enrollment assistance year after year. 


Whether meeting in our office or yours or, in the comfort of your own home, you will be greeted with the utmost respect and professionalism. 

Thank you for visiting our site and learning about the Clarity Group. We look forward to establishing a long-lasting partnership with you.


A Woman-Owned Business.

In 2017, Sally formed Clarity Group representing one major carrier. As colleagues, Sally, Karen and Lisa enhanced their careers in the Medicare Insurance sales industry identifying one important common trend.....consumers were looking for help in understanding Original Medicare and the health plan options that were available to fill their particular situation and need. Consumers also wanted someone they could talk to throughout the year. In 2018, the three women joined forces in partnering as Clarity Group, an independent agency that now represents multiple carriers offering Medicare plans to eligible consumers. The response from their current membership was more than they could have expected. They've gained support from the many companies they represent and, many colleagues within their industry network have now joined Clarity Group. Sally, Lisa and Karen are excited to grow the company into a multi-state organization.  

Clarity Group is now licensed in New York, Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Pennsylvania. As the agency and membership grows, so will the list of states. Please check our site frequently for any updates.





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